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Exercise for Dogs

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 by in Pets | 0 comments

Dogs are full of energy, and not having any outlet for that energy can cause destructive behavior and psychological issues. Just like young children, dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy, happy, and away from trouble. The benefits of having a routine exercise for dogs range from social skills to physical abilities.

Dogs are more active than humans, therefore you need to know a variety of ways you can help exercise your dogs. You should understand that these exercises depend on the dog’s breed, age, physical health, size, and individual traits. Different dog breeds have different levels of energy, thus you need to have the veterinarian check and recommend the right exercise for your dog.

The most recommended forms of dog exercise are walking, swimming, and jogging. These not only help physically maintain the health of the dog, but also expose them to natural stimuli that make them comfortable with other dogs and situations that will develop their confidence and trust. Another dog exercise, especially when going outside is not possible, is focusing on the brain. Dog puzzles and toys, along with indoor games and obstacles, can help your dog’s focus and make them mentally alert. If you are the competitive type, there are many dog sports that measure dog’s agility, focus, obedience, tracking, and other traits. These exercises, though, need longer and more training than regular dog exercises.

Exercising your dog is not only helping your pet, but it also helps keep you in shape. Personally taking care of your dog and going out with them for exercise builds trust and establishes stronger bonds between you and your pet. You can also help keep yourself in shape, thus making it a win-win solution.

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