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The Importance of Choosing the Right Nursing Home

Posted on Sep 10, 2013 by in Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Neglect | 0 comments

Nursing homes can be a lucrative business as families typically want to seek out and hire the best care for their eldest members. Unfortunately, in many cases nursing homes try to cut costs and boost profits by understaffing facilities and underpaying workers. In addition to not providing the best benefits possible for employees, some nursing homes don’t perform adequate background screenings for their employees.

If the staffing committee for a nursing home doesn’t perform appropriate screening they could easily hire under qualified candidates that lack the proper disposition to take care of high needs elderly residents. Eventually, some families find that the quality of care initially promised to their elderly family member isn’t fulfilled.

The website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® points out that nursing home neglect has occurred when: proper nutrition needs are not fulfilled, medical needs are not met, proper hygiene and cleaning is not maintained, appropriate assistance is not provided, or when residents are not provided adequate time for socialization. The Affordable Care Act would strengthen nursing home supervision and enforcement penalties, make staff training more comprehensive, and make the lawsuits filed against nursing homes more transparent to consumers.

Choosing the right nursing home for a family member is a decision that should be researched and considered with care. Similarly, people often employ this same practice of research and careful consideration when looking for a physician. When medical conditions become too complicated for a patient to remedy at home, consulting a physician is the most prudent choice. However, sometimes visiting a negligent physician can result in the worsening of a patient’s condition. The website of the Sampson Law Firm mentions that medical malpractice has occurred “when a medical professional’s irresponsible actions cause harm to a patient.” Victims of medical malpractice are entitled to compensation for time lost at work and health bills. They should definitely not have to pay for the mistakes of their physicians, just as people who are hurt by faulty tires shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of their tire company.

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