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Tips for Self-Storage Units

Posted on Feb 6, 2015 by in Storing Items | 0 comments

Choosing a self-storage facility that you can trust with the safety of your belongings is important to keep peace of mind. There are a number of steps you can take to protect yourself and your belongings when it comes to picking and maintaining a self-storage unit. When choosing a facility to store your belongings, consider the security measures, amenities, access schedule, size of units offered, and maintenance of the area.

There are storage units of all sizes and amenities to choose from. Many storage units will include a stable temperature control to keep belongings from becoming too hot or cold when the seasons change. Other storage facilities are more basic, offering shelter and little else. However, it is still important for all types of storage spaces to offer security, quality customer service, and a cleanly and pest-free environment. Make sure you don’t overlook these services.

After choosing the storage facility, there are packing tips that will elongate the life of the stored items. Here is a list of tips to packaging possessions:

  • Box all stored items in sturdy boxes that are completely filled
  • Do not store wet items in storage units
  • Avoid plastic bags or containers, humidity can build and cause mildew
  • Package clothes and breakable objects in containers specifically designed for that item
  • Spray wood furniture with furniture spray to protect it
  • Do not store photographs in storage units that do not have a climate controlled setting

Most people in the know would also advise against using newspaper to pack belongings because the ink can attach itself to the wrapped items. There are other packing papers that will not cause this problem. Bubble wrap is another option for more fragile belongings that require extra protection.

Renting a storage unit should be an easy solution to your space problem. If you are in need of a safe area to store your belongings, find several self-storage facilities in your area that provide the kinds of services you are looking. Only after visiting the units, make an informed decision about where to place your valuable belongings.

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