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What Qualifies for A Personal Injury Case?

Posted on Aug 28, 2015 by in Personal Injury | 0 comments

A case of personal injury can be difficult to prove alone – especially if one is not exactly the most knowledgeable with legal terminologies and such.

For example, according to the website of Greenfield, WI personal injury lawyers, the definition of personal injury can be phrased to mean an injury that has been dealt upon a person due to the negligent actions of another party. A definition like this accounts for many variables and these different factors are then separated into subsets in order to be dealt with accordingly through systematic, just means.

For example, say you were walking past a garden where a few kids were playing baseball and they manage to hit you in the face by accident. It causes a bruise for you. Technically, this can be a case of personal injury due to the definition of the phrase. However, is it really worth pursuing to file legal action against a few kids for a bruise that will probably fade in a few days? The deal is entirely different if you were, for example, at a baseball game and say a part of the stadium collapsed on you and caused severe, permanent injury.

The injury begets medical treatment and even compensation for the loss of wages that are certain to be had due to the temporary or permanent inability to go to work. Not to mention the emotional trauma that something so devastating can cause on you and your loved ones. Personal injury was not created as a means to glorify being made the victim but in order to allow for those who have survived horrible accidents such as this, the means to demand justice and compensation for the wrong that was done onto them.

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